Chronologic clocking system solution

Citadel by Chronologic

Track workers’ hours. Simplify your payroll

Whether you have shift workers, regular 9-5 staff, agency employees, freelancers or a combination of all of these, Citadel clocking systems can help you track their hours from just £2.50 per employee per month.

Citadel is a cloud-based system made specifically for blended workforces that require multiple overtime rules, pay codes and even forced breaks to comply with working regulations.

Your employees can clock in and out with confidence, knowing that our system will automatically apply the correct pay for their hours worked. All you need to do is input your rules when setting up, then sit back and let the software do the rest.

Mobile, tablet and desktop compatible, Citadel requires no tech experience whatsoever; just log in and go.

Key clocking system benefits include:

  • Unlimited overtime rules for your workforce
  • Cloud-based – available 24/7
  • See who’s in or out in real-time

Citadel by Chronologic – Track your workforce quickly and easily. Perfect for companies looking to clock hours for freelancers, part-time workers or agency staff.

Citadel by Chronologic
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