Chrononlogic's Workforce Management System solution

WFM by Chronologic

Our Bespoke, All-In-One Workforce Solution

WFM by Chronologic combines Payroll data, Time & Attendance, Reporting, an HR database and much more, all in one bespoke package tailored to your business needs, meaning that you save the time, money and inconvenience of paying for multiple solutions and instead have everything you need in one centralised system.

Every system purchased is purpose-built to help you drive your business outcomes within your industry. Our aim is always to save you time, money and resources, which is why WFM allows your team to optimise your workforce at the click of a button.

Best of all, WFM is scalable, in addition to being suitable for most businesses.

Key workforce management benefits include:

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Cost Reduction
  • Better Compliance
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Better Resource Allocation
  • Scalability

WFM by Chronologic – our all-in-one bespoke workforce solution, combining Payroll, Time & Attendance, Reporting, HR database, Absence Management and more.

WFM by Chronologic
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