Customer case study: SafeGuard Glazing Supplies

SafeGuard Glazing Supplies has grown from a local glazing company to one of the UK’s leading glass merchants, processors, and Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) manufacturers. The company works with both trade customers and directly with homeowners.

The business was established in 1995 in Stamford, Lincolnshire where they still have a trade counter and retail showroom.

The head office and main production facilities are now located at a state-of-the-art 28,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Peterborough.

Manual clocking couldn’t keep pace with company growth

The company experienced 30% growth last year, there are now 88 employees clocking on 2 sites as well as a requirement for some remote clocking.

Connie Owens is Financial Controller at the company and explains why they were looking for a new time and attendance system.

“We used to have a very basic time clock system that only recorded the in and out times. We’d then export the clockings, but because we’ve got complex pay rules we had to do a lot of manual work to get the data ready for Sage payroll.”

A system was needed which as well as managing complex pay rules made it easy to accommodate a 4,4,5 payroll run and reporting.*

Connie also wanted more HR functionality to hold employee forms and certificates in one accessible place and to be reminded when appraisals are due and documents become out of date and need action.

Our solution

SafeGuard chose biometric facial recognition clocking with Employee Self-Service for remote clocking.

“The Chronologic system ticked all the boxes. It saves time during payroll, it’s easy to clear the exceptions and lock down the time cards.”

Connie says that although the Chronologic Workforce Management System seemed initially expensive upfront, it could match their requirements precisely and the ongoing costs are cheaper than other systems, so as she says it all balances out.

“The software works really well for me. I like the layout. I think it’s been designed by people who really understand payroll.

HR Management and reporting

Connie also values the ability to store HR information on the system using the HR Management. It’s easy to view employee information, but there’s security in the different levels of access people can be given to view and manage the information.

Reporting is also valuable. The system comes with a wide range of standard reports as well as the ability to customise reports.

Employee Self-Service

Using the Android app, web-based employee self-service gives clocking in flexibility for some of the team who work remotely. It’s also much easier to manage holiday requests as all employees can log in and request holidays on the system

Overall the Chronologic Workforce Management System has saved time on payroll and improved HR management.

The Chronologic team

Connie was impressed with the professionalism of our sales team.

Simon and Alastair really took the time to understand our payroll rules and other requirements and could demonstrate how particular system features would work for me.”

She found the support team really friendly and helpful during the system set-up phase and hasn’t really needed to call on support much since the system went live.

A workforce management system requires detailed customer input and time spent upfront to make sure that it delivers what each customer wants to achieve.

“Be prepared!” is Connie’s advice, and she’s very happy with the outcome.

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*4,4,5 divides a year into 4 quarters, each with 13 weeks, typically each period ends on the same day. It makes it predictable and easier to report year-on-year. Staff are paid monthly but the number of weeks included in their pay may be 4 or 5. 4,4,5 allows for overtime and other additional rates and pay contributions to be applied correctly.

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