Wave Clocking Point Giveaway and uAttend's Festive Season Savings - Embrace Innovation and Savings Together!

Wave Clocking Point Giveaway and uAttend’s Festive Season Savings – Embrace Innovation and Savings Together!

All Our Festive Joy Starts at 09:00 Fri 1st Dec

In a world where technology continues to shape our daily lives, two exciting promotions are set to make your workplace more efficient and your festive season brighter. Let’s dive into the details of the “Wave Clocking Point Giveaway” and the festive savings offered by uAttend’s cloud-based Time and Attendance system.

Wave Clocking Point Giveaway: Revolutionising Employee Attendance with NFC Technology

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Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology, known for contactless payments and data sharing between smartphones, is now making waves in the realm of employee attendance tracking. Introducing the Wave Clocking Point Giveaway, your opportunity to embrace the future of attendance management at no cost!

The Power of NFC Technology

NFC technology facilitates secure and reliable communication between devices in close proximity. This innovation has found a new application in the form of Wave Clocking Points.

Unveiling the Wave Clocking Point

The Wave Clocking Point is an A5-sized NFC-embedded sticker, designed for easy implementation at your workplace. It comprises an NFC section for clocking in and out and clear “Tap Here” instructions for employees.

Easy Implementation at Your Chosen Locations

You have the flexibility to place Wave Clocking Points wherever they’ll be most convenient for your employees, from office entrances to break rooms.

How Wave Clocking Points Work

Employees can effortlessly tap their NFC-enabled smartphones on the “Tap Here” section of the sticker to register their attendance in real-time, eliminating the need for traditional timecards or manual clocking methods.

Get Your Free Wave Clocking Points Today!

Participate in the Wave Clocking Point Giveaway for your chance to win a FREE Wave Clocking Point. Remember, it’s designed to work seamlessly with a subscription to provide a full suite of features for efficient employee attendance management.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of this exciting leap forward in workforce management! Embrace the power of NFC technology and make attendance tracking a breeze with Wave Clocking Points. Get yours now!

Get Ready to Celebrate the Festive Season with Big Savings and Exciting Giveaways!

As the festive season approaches, uAttend is spreading holiday cheer with remarkable savings and exclusive giveaways.

Special Christmas Gift – 15% Discount per Machine

When you purchase any uAttend clocking-in machine from our online shop, enjoy a fantastic 15% discount per machine*, making it the perfect time to upgrade your time and attendance system.

Christmas Giveaway – Exclusive 20% Discount Codes

Draw Closes – 23:59 Mon 18th Dec 2023 / Winners Drawn on Tues 19th Dec 2023

We’re thrilled to announce our Christmas giveaway, where we’re awarding five lucky companies with exclusive 20% discount codes** that can be used at any point in the entire year of 2024. Simply enter our festive giveaway for your chance to win.

Make Your Holidays Shine Brighter

Don’t let this festive season pass you by without taking advantage of these amazing offers. Join us in spreading the holiday cheer, and let’s make your upcoming year truly spectacular with uAttend’s Time and Attendance system.

Both the Wave Clocking Point Giveaway and uAttend’s festive season promotions are designed to enhance your workplace efficiency and make your year-end celebrations even more joyful. Embrace innovation and savings today!

*Please note that terms and conditions apply to both promotions. Check the respective websites for more details.

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