Sickness absence

Manage absences effectively

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Enable line managers and HR with tools to minimise the effect of sickness absence

Support your employees and minimise the effect of absence on your business

Employee absence is unavoidable, but by using effective tools to report, action and support your employees this will intern help employers and managers to manage sickness and the return to work process.

  • Take control with tools to alert managers when employees are late, no-shows or absent
  • Access real-time information on who's available and who is not
  • Easily amend the rota/roster to ensure minimum staff levels and productivity are maintained
  • Simplified recording of absence details, reasons and dates does the job in minimum time
  • Timeheets and payroll reporting are automatically updated
  • All the necessary information to hand, in one place, when you need it

It became clear we needed more information on hours worked and absences.

Sickness absence Sickness Management

No need to change your rules or processes

  • Flexibility to include your sickness reasons and codes
  • Add comments where appropriate for later review
  • Your rules applied to absence and sickness for accurate reporting and review
  • Compliance achieved easily with clear and well managed processes
  • Individual access rights for managers and HR, protecting confidentiality

Absence sickness reporting - the facts that support your processes

  • Comprehensive sickness reporting across groups, departments and teams
  • Bradford Factor reporting to support multiple absence review
  • Know when and if return-to-work interviews have been completed - report when they haven't
  • Report on frequency, length and reasons for absences
  • Automatic absence reports sent to managers when thresholds are exceeded

Timekeeping a problem?

  • Know the effect of lost time with alerts for Late arrivals, early leavers
  • Time lost reporting identifies the real effect over time
  • See trends, compare sites and departments and take action based on the facts
  • Take control of offenders with missed clockings and break violations clearly reported