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Something is wrong, but what?

Every business has its issues, whether it be time waste, labour costs, admin issues, HR documentation, attendance tracking or more. The problem only comes when you ask yourself:
Something is wrong, but what?!

In today’s world, automation, smart software or simple clocking in systems can offer to ease your business pains, so making sure you know what you need, to avoid wasting money on products you don’t need is essential.

How to work out what you need:

Start by asking each manager or department head to write a list of things they feel your business should do better.

If there are issues you can sort in-house, such as communication or internal policies, set a plan to fix them when/as you can.

If, however, there are points that you cannot fix in-house, add them to a new list. If there is a clear cross-over of issues from multiple departments (I.e. payroll), then you know it’s a valid concern.

What to do next?

Once you have your list of needs, sort through and order based on priorities. Think about the ROI for you. Are payroll mistakes, or tracking employee absence costing you money? How many days does your team waste on searching for paperwork?

Once you have the list of things you need, and the reasons you need them, you’ll have a much clearer view on the what is wrong, and more importantly, how it will help you.

Research is important, but not being overwhelmed is just as vital. Our advice is to find a provider who is an expert in all aspects of workforce management and offer different services. That way, you can talk to the company about your needs and know they can scale your service as you grow.

Chronologic offers three systems to optimise your workforce – WFM by Chronologic, uAttend and Citadel – covering Workforce Management, Time and Attendance and Clocking In.

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