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We know that to deliver a great customer experience timing is everything.

If the right staff aren’t in the right place at the right time, the service you offer your guests may suffer.

In these days of eagerly read online review sites and instant social media feedback, hospitality businesses can’t afford to be inefficient.

That's why Mark Manley General Manager at the Best Western Plus Centurion Hotel near Bath approached us when they were looking to improve staff management and efficiency.

Best Western Plus Centurion Hotel

The 45 bedroom hotel employs around 90 staff including cleaning and maintenance, catering, front of house, fitness centre and golf estates management.

They already had a swipe card time and attendance system but increasingly the old system wasn’t delivering what the hotel now needed.

Mark comments, “The old software wasn’t flexible enough and didn’t do even half of what the new Chronologic system does.

The flexibility of the time and attendance rules for the tracking of the many different start and end times and the ease with which the rota can be programmed saves us time.”

The Chronologic Workforce Management System has been particularly valuable to the Centurion Hotel in managing staff holidays and monitoring lateness and absence.

The team can now get real time reports on holidays, lateness and absence quickly and easily without having to go to head office. In return head office receive accurate reporting on sickness and absenteeism.

It’s also meant that employees and supervisors can be more proactive in maintaining rotas and managing issues caused by planned and unexpected absence.

Staff now ensure that everything that can be done in advance is, which saves time and maintains high levels of customer service.

The new biometric clocking in terminal also stops ‘buddy clocking’ which means that staff clocking in are who they should be!

The improved accuracy and time savings delivered by the Chronologic Workforce Management System enabled Mark to exceed his revenue versus cost target by an impressive margin within just a few months.

Our Workforce Management System delivers:

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