Support FAQs

Not just the ability to fix a problem, but the willingness to help

Chronologic GDPR data protection statement

The Data Protection Statement sets out our understanding of the data flows and access between our organisation and a customer’s, and the responsibilities for the protection of that data that are put in place for GDPR.

Chronologic Workforce Management System – support options

At the heart of a good helpdesk there should be not just the ability to fix a problem, but the willingness to help, we underpin all our support activities and communications with that in mind.

Chronologic offers a choice of maintenance and service support for the Chronologic Workforce Management System. All the options include an unlimited number of contacts i.e. calls and emails to the support desk. Contact us for pricing information.

For those customers who mainly manage their own systems we offer the ability to pay for engineering resource and know-how on a time-and-materials basis.
Helpdesk support
Usually offered to companies with an in-house IT facility who can do most of the technical elements themselves and only require a guiding hand every now and then. The support is unlimited, which ensures that any issues that arise are dealt with fully.
Helpdesk and remote access support
The ability to get one of our support team to take control of your computer in front of you so that you can demonstrate the problem and watch as it gets fixed. This means not only does the issue get resolved to your satisfaction – you also have the opportunity to learn a more about your system. This support can be used alongside return-to-base extended warranty for hardware.
Remote access
Remote access support uses a web-based application that’s initiated and controlled by you. Looking at the issue on screen with one of our support team enables you to explain the problem and agree a way to resolve it.
Service support
Whilst most systems are software orientated, there are some moving parts, especially when access control has been integrated with a time and attendance system. Several on-site routine maintenance visits a year ensure the working parts of the installation continue to function properly. Service support contracts combined with on-site support and remote access support provides the most comprehensive cover.

Annual licence renewal

The speed at which software systems are developed means that on-premise systems can become out-of-date. Building a renewing annual licence into any one of the maintenance or support packages means that your system will benefit from new functionality and features as they are developed.

uAttend support

Helpdesk support and software updates are included in the uAttend monthly pay-as-you-go pricing plans.