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When responsibility rests with humans, there is always a chance of human error, which can lead to lost time and increased discrepancies. Workforce management solutions can reduce this risk.

Workforce management systems offer immediate benefits for both small and large organisations. Many businesses lose money from inaccurate payroll, incorrectly applied overtime and working rules and a lack of information when scheduling the workforce. Much of this can easily be solved by implementing a good workforce management system.

The Chronologic system benefits organisations by providing automation to support payroll, scheduling, absence, timekeeping and reporting tasks within a business. This releases key management, HR and finance staff from important but often repetitive processes allowing them to spend time on more productive activities. The system tools deliver accurate and effective methods to control costs, optimise the workforce and maximise the bottom line while ensuring compliance with both contractual and work rules and delivering accurate payroll data.

All of this is held within a single central resource with access to the data and management comprehensively controlled on an individual User basis, protecting your confidentiality and data protection requirements.

Employees can be engaged and empowered by including them in system access to check their hours, see when they are due to work, request and manage annual leave. This reduces the need to interrupt managers and finance to query hours paid, request holiday and know when they have been rota'd to work. Availability of information in this way often improves employee morale and enhances inclusivity.

Data management is key and the better the data and context you can put into managers' hands, the better the planning and decision making. The Chronologic system provides your business with the data you need to optimise and manage your staff, time and budgeting more effectively.

Improve productivity and the bottom line by optimising your employees time with:

  • Simple workforce planning and reporting tools
  • Your operational and contractural rules automatically applied
  • Easily recognise and manage the unplanned
  • Only pay for the hours worked
  • Empower and engage employees
  • Simplify holiday and absence management

Training was in bite-sized modules which made it easy to implement the system without overloading software users who were new to this kind of system.

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