Customer case study: Talon Engineering

Started over 40 years ago, Talon Engineering has gone from strength to strength. From small beginnings, the company now works out of a 35,000 square foot state of the art factory in Yeovil, Somerset and employs more than fifty full-time staff.

The company started out manufacturing hubs for speedway and grass track bikes but has since expanded into the production of hubs for the motocross, road, quad and other markets. Wheels and a range of quality sprockets are also manufactured on site.

Talon’s products are distributed through a worldwide network of dealers. Over seventy-five world champions in different bike sports are currently riding with the help of Talon parts!

The company is working on projects which include one with the Ariel Motor Company for a new, ultra-high performance electric sports car – HIPERCAR.

Time to replace the paper-based system

Karen Dawe, Company Secretary at Talon Engineering tells us why they needed a new time and attendance system.

“We were using a paper signing in sheet and wages input was produced manually from the hours reported by employees. We wanted to improve the accuracy and times of employees clocking in, as well as more accurate reporting of hours worked for payroll.”

Talon chose the Chronologic Workforce Management System with RFID swipe card terminals to clock in 46 employees.

Managing a healthy business

Talon takes duty of care very seriously. To ensure on-site safety they wanted to know exactly who was on site at any given time, so required a real-time Fire Roll Call. The Watch Screen which shows who’s in in real-time is also used to monitor employees on site.

Absence monitoring and reporting is important to the business. Talon needed a centralised system to record and report sickness accurately. With the paper-based system used previously, it hadn’t been easy to report on sick leave and the types of sick leave taken. The Chronologic Workforce Management System enables managers to create report templates to report absence (and other information) over any date range and for any absence reason.

Several of the absence rate columns in the payroll system had to be replicated in the new workforce management system. The Chronologic implementation team added these rates for Talon which means automated accurate payroll input with no manual intervention.

Absence reports show hours, days and occurrences. Karen is now able to run reports to identify employees who have had multiple hospital, doctor, dentist or other absences. This helps managers to understand better employees who might have ongoing health issues, and where appropriate, for the business to offer help and support.

Karen says, “I also use the Bradford Factor report to track employees who are regularly absent for short periods of time. This helps me to identify possible problems with individual employees with recurring health issues.”

NB: Bradford Factor analysis has been used since the 1980’s to measure short-term absence. Short-term absence can be particularly disruptive for manufacturing businesses.

The Chronologic Workforce Management System offers tick boxes and absence definition selections which allows customers to specify exactly how they want the Bradford Factor to be implemented.

Trigger scores can be set and if the score is reached, records appear on the report indicating that it may be time to arrange a discussion meeting with the employee. Bradford Factor analysis can be used in back to work interviews.

What’s so good about our workforce management system?

Karen says, “The system is very easy to use. For example shifts are fixed 8 hours and can be created with employees allocated to the appropriate shift simply and quickly.”

The HR management is also proving very useful:
“It’s good for storing employee information and personnel details in a central repository with access to the data quickly for authorised system users.”

Karen also uses the HR module to record and report on drivers working off site on their timesheets.

The Chronologic Workforce Management System ensures that everything continues to run smoothly for Talon Engineering.

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