Somerset Chronologic HQ

The Chronologic Somerset HQ

Nestled between Bath and Bristol is the Chronologic HQ in Midsomer Norton, Somerset. When picking a spot for our headquarters, being close to the bustling city life of Bristol, but picturesque qualities of Bath was certainly a factor.

Another key point was the opportunity for new talent. Not only are we a commutable distance from most major cities in the area, but we have a local college just down the road and a host of established businesses surrounding us in the trading estate.

Beginning with only two units, we’ve quickly scaled to five*. We need this many for stock-keeping of our world-class clocking terminals and our growing team.

It’s from this HQ that ALL aspects of the Chronologic business take place. From customer service to delivery, accounting, marketing and sales – we’re all together.

We believe this meshed way of working is vital to our evolution.

Each member of the business can openly talk to and discuss upcoming products or customer needs with each other. With our customer sales and support so closely linked, it means we can take all feedback to the people that need to hear it quickly, and put our best efforts into making sure our products meet your expectations.

Unlike other Workforce Management vendors, we also conduct all system training from our premises. No offshore call centres here. The same people who helped test or sell the product will be the ones who teach you how to use it.

This means we can build a relationship with you that will continue throughout your system use. We know why you bought the product you, what you expect from it and what we promised. No hard-selling, over-promising or exaggeration.

Our team tell you what you get and can confer with each other if there’s something you need that our support or product specialists might be able to help with.

Best of all, WFM by ChronologicuAttend and Citadel all have dedicated team members within the HQ, meaning whenever a customer needs an answer, someone is there who knows the system inside out.

Although we don’t offer walk-in appointments, we’d love to know if there are any local businesses who need a Workforce Management, Clocking In or Time and Attendance system, or to just connect. You can never have too many friends in business!

*Having a large number of business units has also ensured we can successfully socially distance during coronavirus, and team meetings currently take place via phone or internet call.

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