The EAC Clocking Machine: Transforming Workforce Management

Price: £275.00 ex VAT

The sleek and robust EAC Clocking Machine is here to transform the way you manage employee time and attendance. With its cutting-edge features and flexible clocking options, this machine is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern workplaces.

Four Flexible Clocking Options

EAC’s clocking machine offers unparalleled flexibility with four clocking methods: RFID cards / fobs, PINs, biometric facial recognition, and fingerprint scanning. This versatility ensures that you can choose the most suitable option for your workforce, enhancing convenience and security.

Adaptable for Remote Work Sites

The innovative store-and-forward feature of the machine allows your employees to continue clocking in and out even without a network connection. This capability makes it an ideal solution for remote work sites, ensuring uninterrupted time tracking.

Impressive Capacity

  • Facial Algorithms: Store up to 300 unique facial algorithms.
  • Fingerprints: Accommodate 1000 unique fingerprints.
  • RFID Users: Manage up to 1000 RFID users.

Key Benefits

Boost Efficiency & Cost Savings: Automate your time tracking with EAC’s clocking machine to eliminate errors associated with manual methods, resulting in significant cost savings and improved accuracy for payroll reporting.

Seamless Payroll Integration: Data from the clocking machine seamlessly integrates with leading payroll software solutions, streamlining payroll processes by providing real-time information. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in managing payroll, making the entire workflow smooth and error-free.

Tailored Solutions: Take advantage of the four-in-one clocking capabilities. Whether your employees prefer using fingerprints, facial recognition, PINs, or RFID cards / fobs, the EAC clocking machine adapts to your specific needs, providing a truly customised and flexible solution for your business environment.

Centralised System: Track data across multiple sites efficiently with the EAC clocking machine’s advanced capabilities, consolidating all information within a centralised and cohesive database.

The EAC Clocking Machine: Your Essential Tool for Workforce Management

The cutting-edge Clocking Machine is designed to fit seamlessly into any work environment. Its advanced biometric features and precise payroll data integration enable you to enhance efficiency and streamline operations.

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Experience the future of employee time tracking with EAC’s Clocking Machine, and take your workforce management to the next level.

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