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Helps you manage complex shift patterns and track employees hours worked.

Manage simple or complex shift patterns and accurately track employees hours. Simplify time consuming tasks managing and monitoring employee time and attendance, labour tracking and data collection. Track, manage and control employee attendance and optimise the effectiveness of your workforce.

Manage the unplanned

Notify managers of absences, lates, no-shows, when they need to know - minimise operational havoc and take control. Easily maintain continuity, know who's available and reassign, easily support minimum staffing levels and production needs. Utilise contemporary tools such as Bradford Factor analysis for manging and reporting on employee absence. Automate fire reports.

Planning and Scheduling

Easily create fixed or variable working patterns - effectively schedule the workforce. Plan your rotas/rostas around your budget - amend on the fly to meet demand driven changes. Flexitime, time off in lieu, part-timers, zero-hour contracts, all managed in one place.

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Timesheets and Payroll

Simplify timesheet management with real-time data when you need it. Your contractual and work rules automatically applied. Enable authorisation of hours by managers quickly and simply. Accurate data upload to your payroll system in just a few clicks.

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Absence Management

Know when absence, lates & no-shows occur & when you need to manage them. Simplify absence recording, management & reporting, using your rules, not ours. Automate the holiday process & empower employees to request leave without manager interruption.

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Clocking Systems

Clocking in options to suit your environment - Biometric (fingerprint, hand and facial recognition), RFID, browser, smart device, we can advise, you choose. A range of solutions to suit your environment, working conditions and employees.

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Why use a time and attendance system?

Time is money - Employees are the most valuable and expensive asset in most businesses.  Managing their time and optimising how that time is planned and used is essential to every organisation.  A well-implemented time and attendance system can help your business flourish in an ever-more competitive world.

  • Management time can be shifted away from administration to productive tasks
  • Workforces are easily scheduled to optimise their value to the business
  • Absences, timekeeping and holiday management becomes centralised and controlled
  • Time, processes and overheads can be dramatically improved

Clocking in machines

Whatever clocking methods you select, the system seamlessly handles the accurate processing of the real-time clocking data. Options include:

  • Biometric fingerprint, facial recognition and hand scanning
  • RFID swipe cards and proximity fobs
  • Web clocking
  • Smartphone clocking

The flexibility of the time and attendance rules for the tracking of the many different start and end times and the ease with which the rota can be programmed saves us time.

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