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Chronologic's systems are tailored to your specific requirements

  • Manufacturer Bott Ltd was expanding rapidly and required an efficient attendance system to manage the availability, sickness, holidays and banked hours of 458 employees.
  • SafeGuard Glazing Supplies came to us because they needed to manage complex pay rules and a 4,4,5 payroll run for 88 employees working on two sites and remotely.
  • The Centurion Hotel wanted a more sophisticated but easy-to-use system for scheduling 90 employees.

The flexibility of the time and attendance rules for the tracking of the many different start and end times and the ease with which the rota can be programmed saves us time.

Time and Attendance Time and Attendance

Time and attendance timesheets and payroll

Real-time information on employee clockings.

Employees hours recorded using your shifts, your rules and your authorisations.

Anomalies highlighted to managers for their action or authorisation (unplanned overtime, absences, missed clockings and more)

Payroll export compatible with most payroll software systems, (as well as Excel and .csv formats).

Editing timesheets is simple

  • Add or edit clocking times.
  • Add, edit or delete hours worked.
  • Change the calculations to be applied for each individual employees’ work patterns.

Flexible working calculations
TOIL/lieu time, part-time, flexitime, all managed simply, easily, efficiently.

Managing flexible working especially for large numbers of employees can be time consuming. The Chronologic System makes it easy to see exactly what’s been worked and time owed or owing.

Time and attendance holidays and other absence

The system gives access to individual and group holiday and absence calendars – more efficient than using spreadsheets to juggle holiday requests.

Workforce availability shows you exactly who’s due to be in work and who isn’t enabling managers to ensure minimum staffing levels are maintained.

Employee Self-Service enables employees to view and request holidays and other absence such as sickness online which managers can then approve, saving valuable admin time.

Time and attendance work rotas

One-size-fits-all? Some customers have quite simple employee sheduling requirements others are more complex.

  • Work Schedule is for organisations with employees following predictable, repeating work patterns such as one-off, continentals, triples and double days.
  • Rotas work for organisations with more flexible working patterns. Shifts and schedules can be set up any way you need them to work for your business.
  • Or schedule staff for specific events and projects when you need employees with particular skills.

Time and attendance employee clocking systems

Our time and attendance software collects data using a range of employee clocking systems.

Whatever clocking methods you select, the system seamlessly handles the accurate processing of the real-time clocking data. Options include:

  • Biometric fingerprint, facial recognition and hand scanning terminals
  • RFID swipe cards and proximity fob terminals
  • Web clocking
  • Smartphone clocking

If reducing administrative costs is your goal

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