Time and attendance systems

On-premise or cloud-based, the choice is yours

Since modern manufacturing began there’s been a requirement to keep a check on who’s on-site and who’s not to facilitate the timely delivery of products and services. Now customers from manufacturing, hotels and logistics to care homes, staffing and cleaning agencies use time and attendance systems.

Keeping accurate track of hours means that:

  • Resources are in the right place at the right time.
  • Costs are more visible and controllable.
  • Employees are paid fairly for the work they do.
  • Organisations can keep track of compliance with working time and other regulations.

If your organisation hasn’t had a formal time and attendance system before, or your old system can no longer cope, we hope you’ll find this information useful when looking for a new workforce management / time and attendance solution that suits the way your organisation works.

Workforce management software | Cloud-based software

cloud-based time and attendance software

uAttend cloud-based time and attendance software

Mechanical punch card type time clocks have been around for over 125 years. The trouble with more manual time and attendance record keeping is that some staff may ‘fiddle’ times. Fiddling can be just a simple rounding up of hours worked, 5 minutes here and there, or systematic, where a number of employees are involved.  Over time fiddling timecards can cost a company substantial amounts of money.

Cloud-based or SaaS (Software as a Service) systems like our uAttend employee management system have been around in the time and attendance systems market for a few years now so are tried and tested.

Using biometric fingerprint or facial recognition terminals where the clocking data is sent straight to an online account means the clockings on the ground can’t be fiddled and the data is accurate. The time and attendance system will allow you to see clearly who’s edited timecards online which cuts down on potential fraud.

Cloud-based time tracking software offers many of the core features and functionality of on-premise enterprise systems at a fraction of the cost. Cloud-based systems mean there’s no software to install on-site or upgrades to keep on top of; it’s all done for you. The data is securely hosted on cloud servers by the system provider (in our case Amazon Web Services – AWS).

Cloud software is web-based so services can be accessed on a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. Clocking information is available in real time to whoever requires access, wherever they are.

Cloud-based time and attendance vendors offer a range of clocking options from simply web clocking to others like our uAttend employee management system with six different options to give you greater flexibility:

  • Biometric fingerprint terminals
  • RFID swipe card and fob terminals
  • Free smartphone clocking app
  • Web
  • Phone

Biometric fingerprint clocking in terminals

Some of our cleaning and facilities management customers use phone clocking to track attendance as it’s a flexible way for employees on dispersed sites to clock in and out at different times. In a manufacturing environment RFID swipe card clocking may be more appropriate.

Cloud-based time and attendance systems are generally offered on a monthly pay-as-you-go basis related to the number of employees clocking in. The uAttend pricing plan doesn’t lock you in at all. Some of our customers, for example construction companies, open and close their accounts as projects start and finish.

Cloud-based systems like uAttend offer businesses with straightforward clocking requirements an efficient and cost-effective way to manage attendance and holidays.

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Workforce Management System

The Chronologic Workforce Management System

Our Chronologic Workforce Management System grew out of the need for businesses with more sophisticated rota, planning and reporting needs to collect and process accurate real time, time and attendance data.

Our workforce management system is modular, you choose the functionality that your business requires:

  • Time and attendance software
  • HR module which brings employee information together in one place. Including employee contact details, CVs, training information and licence renewals.
  • Rotas and scheduling – planning, tracking, costing, reporting.
  • Absence management – including holiday calendars, sickness and lateness reporting
  • Employee self-service

Increasing flexibility

We’re seeing more customers wanting to give employees access to self-service. With employee self-service employees can clock in online and view timesheets and rotas online as well using any device with internet access.

It also makes sense that more admin can also be done online. Users are no longer tied to a site to access the system. There’s more flexibility in where and how employees and managers can access the system.

Workforce management system hosting options

Many customers still prefer to manage their workforce management system on their own servers ‘on-premise’. Cloud-hosting is becoming more popular particularly with companies that don’t have a dedicated IT resource. You still have more control over your software but we manage the secure hosting, updates, etc. for you.

Unlike SaaS services, generally workforce management system on-premise software and user licences are purchased outright with an ongoing annual support and upgrade plan as optional

Clocking options for workforce management systems

Clocking in methods can include biometric fingerprint, hand and face scanning terminals and RFID swipe card and proximity fob terminals. Web and phone clocking is also being more widely used particularly for employees working on remote sites. We’ll advise you on the best way to collect clocking data to suit the way your business works.

Workforce management reporting

As system and customer requirements have become more sophisticated the data generated by attendance can be used to feed into and inform other business processes. Workforce management solutions offer, alongside time & attendance and payroll reporting, more comprehensive reporting options including Bradford Factor analysis.

Workforce Management Systems offer customers with more sophisticated scheduling, reporting and HR needs a flexible and effective tool to increase business efficiency.

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Workforce management system

Chronologic time and attendance system

Not convinced yet ?

With a new Chronologic time and attendance system:

  • You’ll save on finance / payroll resource previously required to administrate payroll data.
  • Reduce ‘human error’ with a more efficient data input system.
  • Save with accurate clocking. ’Lost’ minutes add up to a big drain on the wage bill.
  • You will save money eliminating ‘time theft’ such as buddy clocking.
  • You’ll save on the potential cost of absence and sickness by being able to act faster with real time information to minimise any impact on production or service delivery.
  • You’ll save if hours worked and payroll costs for each department are more controllable.
  • Achieve efficiencies in many areas with access to better business reporting and insight.

And on the ground it’s more than just about money. System users often tell us it’s a weight off their shoulders to have an efficient and accurate new system that does a lot of the donkey work for them and in half the time.

And if you’re new to all things time and attendance these are the sort of things you need to consider when looking for a new time and attendance solution…

  • How many employees do you have clocking in? How many locations? Are you likely to be adding more sites and locations over the next few years? Will your new solution be able to grow with your organisation?
  • Is your business seasonal or do you have busy and quiet periods? Do you need a time and attendance system that can scale up or down as staff numbers fluctuate?
  • Do you have a problem with time fraud or time theft? Biometric clocking solutions can eliminate ‘buddy clocking’ and timecard fiddling.
  • Does your organisation operate multiple shift patterns and pay rates? Some systems enable you to manage shifts and rota scheduling as well as keeping accurate track of different pay rates and overtime.
  • Does your organisation already have people on flexible working? Are you considering introducing flexitime as an option for employees? Time and attendance systems make managing employees on flexible hours simpler.
  • Absence and holidays are often hard to manage especially manually, calendar based interfaces and online holiday and absence requests and authorisation makes things run more smoothly.
  • Dashboards and reporting. Time and attendance systems are increasingly delivering data that can make business processes more efficient and add insight to the overall running of the organisation. What level and types of report do you need and who would be accessing and using the reports generated by the system?
  • Post-sales service and support. Find out from the vendors you’re considering what sort of support they offer during installation and post-sale.

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