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A quick guide to some of the key features in Chronologic’s time attendance software

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The Chronologic Workforce Management System

Key features
Scalable and flexible
Number of employees who can clock in. Unlimited
Number of administration and management users. Unlimited
Number of departments / groups / sites that can be added to. Unlimited
Different security and access levels can be set as appropriate for users - read only to main administrator. Yes
HR Module keep contact details, training, dates of employment, appraisal dates and NI number all in one place. Yes
Record certificate expiry dates, hygiene and Fork Lift Truck licences, work visa information, etc. User configurable HR screens. i.e. date, list, number and text fields, store and retrieve scanned employee documents. Import data from, and link to HR systems. Yes
Payroll management
Number of types of time that can be calculated. e.g. Basic, Overtime, Shift Allowance, Public Holiday, etc. 40
Edit timesheets: add or edit clocking times, hours worked and change the daily rule selection. Yes
Easily manage employee’s overtime, breaks, bonuses and rounding. Yes
Flexitime rules: these are a set of rules which calculate an employee’s
flexi balance in a given flexi period making it easy to keep track of
hours worked.
Time off in Lieu (TOIL ) calculation. Yes
Automatic timed download of clockings. Clocking / signing in terminals
can be set to download the data at whatever intervals are required.
Standard reports include payroll, timesheets, lateness, infringements and absences. View on screen, export or print out. Yes
User configurable HR reports. Yes
Export payroll data in Excel and .csv formats and to Sage Payroll. Yes
Export to other payroll systems including Pegasus, Earnie, Iris and Qtac. Yes
Holidays, sickness and absence
Pre-book absence and holidays for individual employee’s and across departments or an organisation. Individual holiday requests and approvals can be managed online. Yes
Define absence parameters within the context of your organisation’s own working practices. Yes
Calendars: see at a glance individual employee’s holidays and absences. Holidays such as Bank Holidays can be block-booked across one or many calendars with automatic hours adjustment if worked. Yes
Exception management: quickly and easily identify anomalies such as unexpected and missing clockings, unauthorised overtime, absences, target hours, requested holiday, unexpected working and working when on holiday. Yes
Rotas, shifts and scheduling
It’s simple to add and change the rules that are applied to calculate hours and pay. You can have as many rules as you need. Unlimited
Manage fixed and rotating schedules easily. Yes
Day Plans - match skills and staff to deliver events and projects. Yes
Basic scripting of complicated rules. Yes
Advanced scripting of complicated rules. Yes
Rota / shift planning: it’s easy to manage mixed, random and scheduled shift allocation. Functionality also includes planned hours and cost monitoring reports. Yes
Daily run out. Yes
Watch screen: a real time view of who’s in or out. Yes
% workforce availability calculation helps managers and supervisors to plan resources. This includes ratio to expected revenue used by restaurants and hotels. Yes
Reporting and data export
Use report designer to create and manage bespoke reports. Yes
Advanced reporting including by employee, department, by day, month, year, lateness, overtime, etc. All can be customised. Yes
Standard reports include payroll and timesheets. Yes
Bradford Factor analysis can be applied which monitors short-term absenteeism to determine possible negative impact on organisational operations. Yes
Working Time Regulations report: ensures your organisation complies with the European Working Time Directive. Yes
Export payroll data in Excel and .csv formats and to Sage payroll. Yes
Export to other payroll systems including Pegasus, Earnie, Iris and Qtac. Yes
Save and export reports in PDF, .html, Excel, .CSV, .rtf, TIFF and .txt formats. Yes
Fire alarm roll call: printouts of employees on site can be sent to pre-designated printers. Reports can be automatically sent to printers in the fire alarm area. Reports can also be emailed. Yes
Scheduled reports and emails can be sent automatically to nominated contacts (this is part of the optional Workflow module). Yes
Optional modules
Cost centre: shows employee hours worked by cost centre which helps to keep project costs and resources on track. Yes
Workflow: sets up alerts which bring attention to irregularities such as late clockings and expiries like licence renewals and training. Yes
Employee Self-Service: online clocking using PC, smartphone or tablet. Employees can view their timesheets and calendars, and book holidays and absences.
Managers and supervisors can view remote employee attendance / clockings by location.
Managers and supervisors can view remote employee attendance / clockings by GPS location. Yes
Web Admin: Manage timesheets, HR and other data off-site using a laptop, tablet, smartphone or Mac. Yes
Attendance Board - real time attendance display screens. Yes
Clocking options
Biometric fingerprint, facial recognition and hand scanning terminals. Yes
RFID swipe card and proximity fob terminals. Yes
Web clocking for PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. Yes

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