Time off in lieu

TOIL management headache? Not any more

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Time off in lieu (TOIL)

TOIL can be a used to manage labour resources and support employee life-work balances, managing TOIL is made simple for managers and employees.

  • Set your rules – easily monitor and manage – minimum intervention
  • Empower managers to apply TOIL where appropriate and get rid of the spreadsheets
  • Enable employees with the tools to self-monitor balances and request TOIL Leave
  • Have clear visibility of workforce availability ensuring productivity is protected
  • Utilise powerful reporting to inform managers to any TOIL balances building up during busy periods

We chose Chronologic as it suited our business needs the best. Not only in the time attendance, but also in the employee data you are able to allocate as well

Time off in Lieu Time off in Lieu

For many businesses, certain periods of the year are busier than others.  Using TOIL can help to create a positive work culture and optimise productivity.

The Time and attendance module within the system enables the rules for TOIL to be created and applied automatically to relevant staff.