Customer case study: Treasure Homes

Treasure Homes provides residential, dementia and nursing care for the elderly. There are two homes in Bristol and one in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

Around 180 healthcare workers are employed across the three homes. Staff are primarily on shift work and provide cover 24/7, 365 days a year.

David Gillespie is Managing Director of Treasure Homes and explains why they chose the Chronologic Workforce Management System.

Why were you looking for a time and attendance system?

“We were using another software vendor previously. Their web-based product was a bit unwieldy and slow. Another of its drawbacks was the inability to manage staggered annual leave years.”

Why did you choose the Chronologic Workforce Management System?

Treasure Homes decided to use biometric fingerprint terminals and Employee Self-Service web-based clocking for their staff.

The Workflow Module allows them to set up alerts which draw attention to irregularities, late clocking for example, and to expiries such as licences and permits.

“The system offers the functionality and flexibility we need. It’s also sensibly priced for a company of our size.”

“We’ve been impressed by the adaptability of the product. We have a large number of shift patterns and pay rates and the system has been able to cope with all of these.”

How has the system benefited Treasure Homes?

“We now have much better control of staff planning and timekeeping. The system’s comprehensive user options mean we can safely let our remote sites manage routine aspects of their own teams and this has substantially reduced the workload in our main finance office. It’s also proving to be a very reliable product.”

“The system communicates well with our payroll software which saves us a lot of manual inputting.”

What do you think about Chronologic’s support team?

“Very good!”

David comments further on the support he’s received from our Technical Director Alastair Slade and Support Specialist Gary Pocklington.

“With our large number of shift patterns, cost centres and pay rates I think we tested the system to the limit but Alastair and Gary had no difficulties adapting it to suit our needs. They also gave us all the technical support we needed to get the system working on our network. “

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