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uAttend is Chronologic’s market-leading cloud-based clocking in system (SaaS). uAttend is a simple and effective way to automate the collection and processing of time and attendance data.

  • Improves clocking accuracy.
  • Significantly speeds up data processing for payroll.
  • Easy to keep track of holidays and sickness.
  • No contract, monthly pay-as-you-go subscription.

cloud-based clocking in system

How uAttend works

uAttend offers some of the key features and functionality of our workforce management system but at a fraction of the upfront cost. uAttend has been designed for businesses with straightforward in/out clocking needs.

Cloud-based systems mean there’s no software to install on-site or upgrades to keep on top of; it’s all done for you. Your data is securely hosted on cloud servers by Amazon Web Services – AWS.

Cloud software is web-based so services can be accessed on a PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. Clocking information is available in real time to whoever needs access, wherever they are.

uAttend’s biometric fingerprint and facial recognition terminals mean clockings on the ground can’t be fiddled and the data is accurate. Your uAttend online account allows you to log in and see clearly who’s edited timecards, which also cuts down on potential fraud.

A choice of clocking options

uAttend gives customers a choice of 6 different clocking options which can be used in any combination. The clocking terminals are exclusive to uAttend and come with a lifetime warranty.

  • uAttend biometric fingerprint and facial recognition terminals
  • uAttend RFID swipe card and fob terminals
  • Free smartphone clocking app
  • Web
  • Phone

Many of uAttend’s construction customers use biometric fingerprint clocking. Cleaning and facilities management customers often choose phone and smartphone app clocking to track attendance because it provides a flexible way for employees on dispersed sites to clock in and out at different times.

uAttend biometric fingerprint clocking in terminal

Pay-as-you-go monthly pricing

uAttend is a monthly pay-as-you-go subscription, pricing plans are related to the number of employees clocking in. For example 10 – 19 employees clocking would cost £23.99 (ex. VAT) a month.

The uAttend pricing plan doesn’t lock you in at all. Some of our customers, for example construction companies, open and close their accounts as projects start and finish and move the clocking terminals from site to site.

uAttend offers businesses a simple way to manage attendance and holidays.

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I like to use technology that makes things simpler for colleagues like the uAttend phone clocking in option, it’s easy for them to clock in and out. We know where they are because the system only recognises designated phones."

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