UK Based Customer Support

Chronologic UK based customer support

If you’ve invested in one of the Chronologic products, we know it’s more than just purchasing a workforce management system. You’re investing in us.

To make sure that our partnership begins and continues to meet your demands, we’ve invested in a host of in-house services that we have 100% control of.

The most important service is our customer support. Anyone you speak to is based in our Somerset HQ and is part of our close-knit Chronologic team.

Too many times we’ve all experienced that disappointment of signing up to a service and receiving one type of assistance, then post-sales contact you’re greeted with a completely different experience.

This is why we work hard to make sure that from the beginning to the end, you know what to expect with us.

Our UK based customer service team work on our services daily and know our software inside out. Most importantly, however, they are technical experts, but without the jargon. We go at your pace when it comes to demonstrations, training and anything else.

The support team use easy to understand terms so that whether you’re an IT expert or complete novice, you can get what you want from our systems.

Each of our products has dedicated team members, and we often build working relationships with our customers. We even have clients who are still with us after 20 years!