Customer case study: Wall Colmonoy

customer case study wall colmonoy

Wall Colmonoy Corporation was established 80 years ago in Detroit, Michigan, USA, their European HQ is in Pontardawe, Swansea.

They are a leading global materials engineering group which manufactures surfacing and brazing products, castings, and engineered components for sectors including aerospace, automotive, oil & gas and mining.

Wall Colmonoy prides itself on forming long-term strategic partnerships with customers. Their mission is to provide value-added ideas, creative solutions and quality engineered components enabling their customers to operate more efficiently and profitably.

An old T&A system was struggling to deal with payroll

Laura Upson is Assistant Accountant. We asked her why the company was looking for a new time and attendance system.

“We were using another system but it was no longer fit for purpose. We were having issues with how the data was being recorded which was having a knock-on effect on our payroll processing.”

Laura went on to explain, “We needed a system that would give us data we could work with quickly, and reduce our payroll processing time down from 3 days!”

The business also wanted to introduce a system where supervisors could be given more responsibility to view and manage employee clocking and other data.

Our solution

The Chronologic Workforce Management System has been live since autumn 2017, 188 employees now use the system, from Admin staff through to shop floor operators.

Wall Colmonoy chose to use biometric fingerprint terminals for clocking in. There are a few employees with particularly worn prints which don’t work so well on the terminals, they clock in using PINs.

The Chronologic system is really user friendly, it enables us to have all our holidays, overtime, sickness etc. recorded all in one place. Our supervisors find it easy-to-use and intuitive.”

The primary reason Wall Colmonoy wanted a new attendance system was to improve payroll accuracy and reduce processing time. Laura has seen some very positive benefits.

“The data is easy to import into our payroll system and the reports are easy to run. It has saved us so much time. Payroll now takes less than half a day.”

Everything is much more accurate. Errors in payroll payments are hugely reduced. Because everything is recorded in one place, there are no bits of paper to be signed which inevitably get lost or given to the wrong person. The system has eradicated all of that.”

Another aim for the new system was to free up time for the HR team by giving line management access to view and manage timesheets and other information. Laura says that supervisors can now check the system on a daily basis and manage exceptions rather than having to work through piles of clocking queries when payroll is being run.

Everyone likes it, it means they are not waiting for information from HR or Payroll, they can see everything they need and access it when they want.”

The Chronologic team

When Laura was researching a new attendance system she appreciated our Technical Director’s experience and know-how, “Alastair gave us a really good demonstration of the system’s potential uses.”

Once Wall Colmonoy had decided on a Chronologic solution, we asked how the set up and implementation had gone.

“The system was rolled-out in September and required next to no training to be able to use it. Everything is done remotely, removing the need for expensive in house training, this also meant there was very little disruption when we switched.”

And what does Laura think of our ongoing support?

“Everyone I have spoken to at Chronologic is friendly and helpful. If there are any issues the support team is easy to get hold of. All of my queries have been answered quickly.”

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