Focus webinar reporting 16/11/16

Many people familiar with managing time and attendance systems will be used to running payroll and basic absence and lateness reports, after all that’s what time and attendance tracking is all about. But each working day clocking data is captured which more sophisticated systems can use to create custom reports which offer users more useful management tools and better insight. Find out more about reporting

Our latest webinar looks at reporting in our Workforce Management System and is now available to watch again.

Alastair Slade, Chronologic’s Technical Director opens the webinar by giving an overview of the reports which help with the day-to-day running of operations for Finance, HR and line managers including payroll and absence reporting.

He then discusses some of the many different ways to interrogate the data through both the standard reports and by creating custom reports. Alastair explains the benefits of some of the reports that are already built-in to the Workforce Management System and how these can help and inform central and local HR, senior and line managers. For example work permit, licence renewal and appraisals due reports can be created, viewed and run online using a range of different criteria. He then looks at how users can create their own custom reports.

Reports can be scheduled to be sent by email to relevant managers at whatever frequency is required, hourly, daily. weekly, etc. The workflow module can then be used to set up alerts closer to the time to remind managers that individual action needs to be taken.

Other reports covered include:

Clocking Edits
Cost Variance
Cost Centre

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