Julian House

What a great start to 2023!

Towards the end of last year, our team decided that we really wanted to do something different for our Christmas promo. Rather than offering our clients a discount on our products, we decided to donate £15 for every uAttend machine purchased Between 1st—31st December, to a charity chosen by our team.

Three charities were shortlisted – all doing fantastic work in extremely challenging times. As our team voted, however, it became obvious that there was a clear winner emerging – Julian House.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, Julian House is a fantastic charity close to our hearts and also our offices – its headquarters are located just down the road in Bath, Somerset. Many of us have witnessed first-hand the incredible work they do and the invaluable support they provide to those in need, and our Bath-resident webmaster has taken untouched food from our office Christmas parties to the hostel for the past few years now.

Despite the recent cost-of-living crisis, combined with the typical down-turn in sales just before Christmas, we sold 22 new clocking-in machines to uAttend customers, meaning that this morning, we were able to hand over £330 to Cathy Adcock, Fundraising and Digital Marketing Manager at Julian House.

We are delighted that Chronologic has supported Julian House this Christmas, the £330 raised will be a huge help as the uncertainty of the 2023 looms. Over the next few months, we will continue to be quite stretched as we continue to provide extra bed-spaces, food, warmth and much needed support for those affected by homelessness, domestic abuse and addiction, to name just a few reasons.

Providing these extra resources would be immeasurably more difficult without the support of the wider community and of course advocates like Chronologic. It also gives us great heart – particularly for my colleagues who deliver frontline services. Some days the work can be quite challenging; but, with amazing outcomes.

Thank you from everyone at Julian House.

If you’d like to know more or find out how you can help, please visit www.julianhouse.org.uk

Pictured is Cathy Adcock, Fundraising and Digital Marketing Manager at Julian House, with Abi Sutton, Customer Service Team Leader at Chronologic.

Julian House is a registered charity (No. 1183751) and a company limited by guarantee in England & Wales (No. 11791952). Registered provider of social housing (No. L4549). Registered office: 1 Kelso Place, Upper Bristol Rd, Bath, BA1 3AU

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