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A good workforce management system more than pays for itself in terms of delivering accuracy for the recording and reporting of hours accrued by your employees. However, it should also support effective workforce planning and shift allocation, absence and sickness management and comprehensive payroll, employee and business reporting.

The overall effect of a good workforce management system should help you reduce costs, improve productivity, and release precious management time around manual processes and procedures that divert managers from their core responsibilities. So, how much does a Chronologic Workforce Management System cost? Every Chronologic customer is unique with each needing an individually created system configuration and training.

We've looked at a number of existing customer Systems and calculated the cost to them over a 5 year period, including all hardware, support and licencing for that period.

The system offers the functionality and flexibility we need. It’s also sensibly priced for a company of our size.

Attendance system price System Price

Real customer examples

A good way to gauge a Chronologic Workforce Management System cost is to consider the total cost per week.

HotelCare HomeManufacturing
Cost per week£42.00£69.00£71.00
Employees clocking in165255195
Clocking options3 biometric terminals3 biometric terminals3 biometric terminals
ShiftsMultiple shifts and rota patternsMultiple complex shifts/rota patternsMultiple shifts
Number of people using the systemMultiple managers and administratorsMultiple managers and administratorsMultiple managers and administrators
ReportingOn demandAutomatedAutomated
The price per week is calculated over a five year period and includes all system, hardware, licencing and support costs.

No hard sell, just a competitively priced solution delivered to your specification.

For a more detailed discussion on your requirements and how we can support them, get in touch.

(The Chronologic workforce management system can be provided as CapEx or OpEx options)