Why old clocking machines could be bad for business

If your business has an old time card clocking machine that’s seen better days and you recognise any of the following, perhaps it’s time to think about a new time and attendance system…

“For many years now Madge, you’ve been responsible for getting Mucklethwaite & Son’s time cards ready for payroll.

We very much appreciate the hours you’ve spent working through lunch hours and past 5 o’clock to ensure that payroll always ran on time. You tried hard to make sure everyone got paid (give or take) for what they were owed for hours worked.

How you kept your sense of humour when the system crashed yet again and spreadsheets were lost for the tenth time that day we’ll never know.

And do you remember the time Ed tripped over your PC cable and the admin team tea went all over the H to K’s? Those time cards took a good few days to dry out. Despite some nifty work with a magnifying glass to make sense of the numbers, I reckon a few Herbert’s and Greens got more in their pay packet that week.

But times are changing, the management team has decided that we need to modernise, take a fresh approach, be more efficient.

As of Monday next week there’ll be no more dog-eared time cards to interpret (especially when the ink in the clocking machine is running out).

No more running around tracking down supervisors to get exceptions sorted and timecards signed-off on-time.

No-one will have to spend hours slaving over spreadsheets checking and re-checking that all the time card data has been accurately transferred.

Louise in HR won’t always be able to bag the best holiday slots before anyone else gets a look-in, the holiday calendar will be online now.

Jon in production can’t argue the toss any more with his manager about punctuality. Our new fingerprint clocking in machine will have his clocking times bang-on. From next week that’ll be automatically 15 minutes off his wages every day he’s late!

Everything will be just that much easier and a little bit fairer all-round.

Unfortunately the old clocking in machine has already given up the ghost. It ate Lee’s time card this morning and has since developed terminal indigestion.

We’d like to present you with the old clocking in machine as a memento of times past and wish you a long and happy retirement!”


Madge may be fictional but we’ve based this ‘speech’ on stories our customers have told us over the years as to why they decided to look for a new time and attendance system.

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