Why Chronologic employee management software

Why Chronologic

We Deliver Market-Leading Employee Management Software

As any of our clients will attest to, we really do embody all of the values stated above. Each and every member of our team shares the same philosophy. On top of that, we still believe in the principle of a company’s word meaning something, and have proven, time and again, that we can be trusted to deliver what you need.

Our client retention rate is another clear reflection on not only the services we offer, but how we operate as a company. When clients come to us, they stay. This is a reflection not only of the quality and functionality of the employee management products we offer, but also of the customer service we provide. Others may sell similar software, but our clients know what we are here for them, to solve whatever issues may arise. They know they can always reach our support team, and will find a helpful, friendly voice at the end of the phone.

These five words best encapsulate what Chronologic stands for:

  1. Expertise

    Or, to put it another way, we really know our stuff. It’s easy to underestimate just what we have seen in our more than 20 years in this business. But when you reflect on the technological changes that have occurred, even just over the past 5 years, it becomes easier to appreciate the truly Herculean advances that we have witnessed and, more importantly, adapted to, in that time.
  2. Honesty

    We won’t sell you something that we know isn’t right for you, even if it means losing out on a sale. Because a short-term gain, that leads to a dissatisfied client, is never worth risking our reputation.
  3. Respect

    There is an ethos, willingly practiced by all our team, that aims to ensure every customer is treated the way we would like to be treated ourselves.
  4. Transparency

    We have nothing to hide, so we hide nothing. It’s that simple. Our pricing structure is easy to find and understand, there’s no nasty hidden surprises and our staff are fully trained to answer any question you may have for them.
  5. Simplification

    Everything we do, is with the aim of making your life easier. This also applies to the way in which we demonstrate our products, and indeed in how they work. There’s no need to study for a master’s degree to understand the terminology and functionality of our products.
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