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We deliver market-leading employee management software

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Workforce solutions built for results

Chronologic has helped thousands of businesses optimise their workforce thanks to our expertise and no-nonsense approach.

First, we find out your issue or reasoning behind needing a workforce system, then we recommend the system that is the best fit, based for your needs.

Our customer support team then conducts a free tailored demonstration of the software to you, where you can ask as many questions as you need.

Once you're sure, we put together a clear package for your needs (if choosing WFM), or direct you to buy online (with uAttend, Employee Attendance Cloud and Citadel).

If our transparent and straightforward process isn't enough incentive, we see four key reasons why Chronologic is the best choice for your business.

We see the problem from all angles

IT, operations, finance, HR- core aspects of a business that need to agree when investing in new technology. This is why our systems are designed to be secure for IT, take the burden from operations and HR, as well as be affordable for finance.

We have specialists in house

Beneath our tech lies our customer service - something we're proud to say is all UK based. We deliver training dedicated to your needs in non-technical language and have a team who live and breathe the systems daily, so you know your queries can be answered.

We care

When you invest in a Chronologic system, you're not one of millions of customers in a queue, or just a number. We value our users and work to retain them - we still have customers who signed up when we began! Why? Because we know we have a product that can meet your needs and a team that offers world-class customer ​service standards.

We grow with you

Chronologic and our products are always evolving. We don't exclude smaller businesses from our tech and so whether you have ten or ten-thousand employees you'll get the same tools. We also roll-out new functionality as we develop it and all our products are scalable.