Work rotas

Simple tools to optimise your workforce planning

9 to 5? Around 17% of the UK Workforce works some sort of shift

According to a 2018 YouGov study, almost half of people in the UK work flexibly, job share or work compressed hours.

The increasing popularity of flexitime and other flexible working arrangements means that staff schedules are becoming more important. Overstaffing can be costly. With our rota scheduling, you can see exactly where you have too many or too few employees.

Your requirements – our tailored solution

The system has so many different and clever ways to handle all the different shifts and calculations it’s easy to get exactly the output we need.

Work rotas Work Rotas

Work rotas

Simple or complex - Rotas and work schedule planning made easy

  • Predictable work patterns? Set-up once, get on with managing your team
  • More variable working hours? Create flexible work rotas, quick, simple, effective
  • Easily update and make changes when needs change, no more spreadsheets
  • Flexitime, time off in lieu, part-timers, zero-Hour contracts, all simplified

    Optimise against your budget

    • Plan staff against your budget and take control of production costs
    • Easily manage demand-based changes or staff absence
    • Report variances of costs to planned

    Know who's available, optimise your teams time, ensure compliance

    • Confidently plan knowing which employees are available and which are absent
    • Easily control minimum staffing requirements
    • Ensure key workers or skill holders are assigned
    • Comply with first aid, fire and HSE staffing minimums

    Engage employees

    • Enable employees to see when they are rota'd to work, at any time, ensuring they know their work patterns
    • Give visibility of timesheets, cutting payroll queries to managers, HR and finance
    • Engage employees with online holiday requests, cutting the paper trail and manager interruptions