Work rules

Complex or simple arrangements simplified

Your rules - applied your way

Simple or complex, multiple rules easily managed across your business.  Access and amend timesheet data as required with revisions made in just a few clicks and updated in real time.

  • Overtime - simply create your rules and apply them automatically whenever you plan the work schedule or rota staff
  • Breaks - applied without intervention - reported as per your rules
  • Lateness, Roundings and Grace - set up and forget
  • Time Off In Lieu - managed automatically
  • Flexitime - made simple
  • Exceptions - alerting those that need to know when employees don't comply
  • Reporting - time lost, employee infringements and when action is required

Our staff work different hours from each other so the system makes it very easy to set up different working rules for individuals.

Work rules Rules

Accurate hours reported ready for payroll

Whatever your payroll period, hours reported as per your rules without having to check and double check.

Enable managers to approve hours quickly and efficiently, have accurate data ready for fast payroll upload and eliminate the checking and the spreadsheets.

Cut many hours of key management and finance team time and release staff to more productive activities.

Automate the calculation of worked hours to payroll - simple, efficient, accurate.

Powerful time and attendance software optimising payroll costs and maximising the bottom line.

Support flexible work arrangements, define the rules appropriate to your business, release key staff to more productive activities, with Chronologic.