Workforce management employee self-service

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If you have employees working remotely or your organisation wants to introduce self-service time management, this Chronologic workforce management system add-on module enables employees to clock in and out, view their timesheets and manage and request holidays using a PC, tablet or smartphone.

The geolocation feature which uses GPS to record the clocking location (or locations) means that if employees are working across a number of dispersed sites, managers and supervisors can track their progress.

Employee view: Timesheets

Employees can view their timesheets and calendars online. They can also see roundings, bonuses and the shift rules that have been applied.

Employee view: Calendars and holidays

Employees can be given an option to check a team availability calendar before they request time off. Other employee’s individual information can be hidden including reasons given for absence.

To request a holiday or other authorised absence like a dental appointment the employee clicks on the date on the calendar and drags across to highlight the days they’d like off.

They can add comments for the authorising manager or supervisor. A pop-up screen confirms that they’ve requested time off.

Admin view: Holiday requests

Pending holiday requests are visible in the exceptions module under the holiday request folder tab. 

Bulk ‘grant’ or ‘refuse’ for the requested time can be done by highlighting the relevant period on the calendar and selecting the appropriate option from the drop down menu. Right clicking on each day requested in the exceptions tree view will bring up a menu where you can also select grant or deny.

The employee will be able to see granted, pending and refused days on their own calendar when they’re logged-in.

Admin view: Geolocation (GPS) clocking

Remote workers can log in using a smartphone, tablet or PC to access the web clocking option and clock their location using GPS technology. When they’ve clocked, the Google map location and co-ordinates will come up on their screen.

In the admin view managers and supervisors hover over the clocked times for the remote worker which brings up the clocked location pin on Google maps.

Workforce management employee self-service

Admin view: Multiple location clocking

If the employee is visiting more than one site they can clock in a number of locations which is then displayed on a map.

This feature can be used to demonstrate to clients that your employees were where they were paid to be, at the times they should be, and eliminates any room for argument.