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Webinar: Reporting

Chronologic’s Technical Director Alastair Slade shows how the workflow module system can help you to streamline workforce management and increase organisational and workforce efficiency.

In this webinar Alastair gives a quick overview of the reports which help with the day-to-day running of operations for Finance, HR and line managers.

He then goes on to discuss some of the many different ways to interrogate the data through both the standard reports and by creating custom reports. Alastair explains the benefits of some of the reports that are already built-in to the system and how these can help and inform central and local HR, senior and line managers.

For example work permit, licence renewal and appraisals due reports can be created, viewed and run online using a range of different criteria.

Reports can be scheduled to be sent by email to relevant managers at whatever frequency is required, hourly, daily. weekly, etc. The workflow module can then be used to set up alerts closer to the time to remind managers that individual action needs to be taken.

Other reports covered include:

Clocking Edits
Cost Variance
Cost Centre

Finally Alastair briefly talks about the sort of custom reports that some of our customers are creating or commissioning us to do and how you could take advantage of custom reporting too.

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