Join our Technical Director Alastair Slade for these two new webinars.

Last year we ran a series of webinars as introductions to the Chronologic Workforce Management System and refresher sessions, this year we’re running two free webinars,  a work-in webinar and an Introduction to Employee Self-Service and Web Admin.

The work-in webinar is primarily for current system users (if you’re not a customer but would like an online system demo – get in touch).

Workforce management system work-in

Date: 19/10/17

Tme: 11:00AM – 11:45AM (BST)

The work-in will cover:

  • Recently added system functionality you may not be aware of
  • Rotas – hints and tips to make managing rotas easier
  • Overtime allocation
  • Cost centres
  • Managing flexi and TOIL
  • Reporting tips

Employee Self-Service and Web Admin

This webinar is a general introduction to these features for both current customers and those considering a new workforce management system.

Date: 8/11/17

Time: 11:00AM – 11:45AM GMT

Employee Self- Service

Employee Self-Service is web-based, the Chronologic Workforce Management System can be accessed anytime, anywhere, using PCs, tablets, Macs and smartphones.
Employee Self-Service is an optional module which allows employees to:

  • Clock in via the web on the move or from remote locations (this can be disabled if you don’t want employees to clock in online)
  • View their timesheets online.
  • View their own rotas online.
  • View and request holidays and other absence online.

Web Admin

Web Admin is an optional module which enables managers and supervisors to:

  • See who’s clocked in or out.
  • View and manage employee timesheets (including exceptions) online.
  • Gang clock employees – useful if teams are working on remote sites.
  • View and manage employee records.
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