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Release managers to manage with Chronologic's workforce management software

The data is easy to import to our payroll system

Time and Attendance

Real-time capture of employee clockings. Accurate calculation of hours and pay rates speeds up payroll. Simple export to payroll software or bureau.

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Work Rotas

Flexible resource planning. Drag and drop scheduling for simple and complex rota patterns. Email or let employees view their own schedules online.

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Absence Management

Keep accurate track of planned and unplanned absence and lateness. Holiday calendars and availability screens make it simple to plan resourcing.

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HR Management

Boost efficiency. Manage HR contact and other information all in one easily manageable place. Reminders and alerts. Holiday booking and absence reporting.

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Employee Self-Service

Increase employee engagement. Options for staff to view their timesheets, calendars and schedules, request holidays online and clock in & out.

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A comprehensive range of operational reports or create business specific reports from the employee and operational data recorded.

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UK-Based Support

At the heart of a good helpdesk there should be not just the ability to fix a problem, but the willingness to help. Support positive feedback scored 98%.

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Clocking Systems

A choice of clocking options for on and off-site staff. Employess can clock using biometric or RFID terminals or clock using their browser or smart device.

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Improve workforce resourcing. Make payroll management more efficient. Deliver substantial savings on your wage bill.

Our Workforce Management Software is modular, you can choose the level and type of functionality that your organisation requires which makes it a practical and flexible solution. The system will contribute towards making your business processes more efficient, increase productivity and save money in many ways.

What our customers say...

  • The implementation is straight forward
  • The system is easy to use and navigate
  • Enables us to have all our holidays overtime sickness etc recorded in one place
  • From our first demonstration to our current use of support we have been treated with respect & patience

It is as we say, a long-term relationship. When we were making the initial purchasing decision the system was demonstrated and every question that was asked was answered.

Workforce Management Workforce Management

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