Workwell Technologies Acquires Chronologic Ltd: A Union of Excellence

Workwell™ Technologies Acquires Chronologic Ltd: A Union of Excellence

Integrating Innovation with Experience for Enhanced Operational Excellence

Pioneering Partnership: Redefining Workforce Management

In a strategic manoeuvre aimed at reshaping the paradigm of workforce management, Workwell™ Technologies has boldly announced its acquisition of Chronologic Ltd, a venerable institution celebrated for its steadfast dedication to efficiency and dependability. This revolutionary collaboration marks the convergence of state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions with years of accumulated industry insight, signalling the dawn of a fresh era characterised by streamlined operations for enterprises throughout the UK and Europe.

Workwell™ Technologies: Innovators in Cloud-Based Solutions

Renowned for its cloud-based business solutions tailored specifically for small and mid-size companies, Workwell™ Technologies introduces a comprehensive suite of groundbreaking products designed to revolutionise time and attendance management, crafted to enhance efficiency and accuracy. Their steadfast commitment to excellence, underscored by a relentless pursuit of automation and precision, has established them as a distinguished leader in the industry, commanding widespread recognition and acclaim.

Cloud-Powered Efficiency: Revolutionising Time and Attendance Management

Among the myriad facets of Workwell’s services, its distinct focus on time and attendance solutions stands out as particularly compelling. By leveraging the capabilities of cloud technology, Workwell ensures seamless access to vital data from any internet-connected device, thereby ushering in a new era of uninterrupted connectivity. This transition towards cloud-based efficiency not only eliminates the possibility of manual errors but also fortifies adaptability within the ever-evolving business terrain.

Commitment to Innovation: Driving Business Success

Furthermore, Workwell™ Technologies distinguishes itself through its unwavering commitment to innovation. With a relentless pursuit of finely tuned tech solutions, they empower businesses to work smarter, remaining steps ahead of the competition. Their ethos of pushing boundaries aligns seamlessly with Chronologic Ltd’s philosophy of embracing change while upholding core values.

Chronologic’s growth since its inception 20 years ago is a testament to its commitment to customers and operational excellence in workforce management solutions.

This acquisition is a new milestone for Workwell by expanding our international presence. We’re excited to bring additional products within the Workwell brand to the UK and Europe through this acquisition.

Chad Buckmaster
Workwell™ Technologies

Customer-Centric Excellence: Supporting Businesses Every Step of the Way

At the core of Chronologic Ltd’s success lies its customer-centric approach. Providing five-day-a-week customer support, we ensure that assistance is just a call, text, email, or chat away. Moreover, Chronologic Ltd offers free live demos, allowing prospective clients to experience firsthand how our advanced cloud software can transform business operations.

Uniting for Positive Change: Shared Vision for the Future

The acquisition of Chronologic Ltd signifies more than a mere business transaction; it symbolises the union of two kindred spirits committed to driving positive change in employee management software. For over two decades, Chronologic Ltd has epitomised honesty, reliability, and unparalleled service—values that seamlessly align with Workwell’s vision for the future.

As businesses embark on the path of digital transformation, Workwell™ Technologies and Chronologic Ltd emerge as trusted partners, guiding them every step of the way. With a shared commitment to efficiency, transparency, and success, this partnership promises to unlock boundless possibilities and reshape the business landscape.

Embracing the Future Together: Efficiency Meets Excellence

Embrace the future of employee management with Workwell™ Technologies, where efficiency meets excellence, and success knows no bounds. Entrust Workwell™ to handle the details while you focus on growth, as together, we embark on an exciting journey towards unparalleled success.

Becoming part of Workwell Technologies marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for Chronologic, providing all the new opportunities and resources of a larger group, whilst retaining our unwavering commitment to the exceptional service that our customers have come to expect from us. We are looking forward to working closely with the international team and developing new avenues of growth.

Peter Sutton
Managing Director

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