Customer case study: Wright Minimix

Wright Minimix is a leading supplier of ready mix concrete, liquid screed and pumps. There are currently 4 sites in the South West and South Wales, including the head office in Warmley near Bristol, where management and admin teams are based. There’s also a team of sales reps on the road and pump crews working around the West Country.

Andy McEvoy is Group Operations Manager and has been at Wright Minimix since March 2018.

Why were you looking for a time and attendance system?

Andy explained that previously staff were completing their own timesheets. The timesheets were checked by managers and collated by one member of staff before being exported to Sage payroll. This had become a time and labour intensive process for all concerned.

Manual completion of timesheets sometimes led to employees over-estimating the time they had worked and to potential inaccuracies in data transfer from timesheets to payroll.

“We wanted to streamline this aspect of our operation and improve access to information”.

Other areas where Wright Minimix wanted to improve efficiency included real-time visibility of who was clocked in; also in centralising HR records and other HR information, and managing holidays.

Licence renewals, training records and employee anniversaries were being managed manually which was time-consuming and made it harder to share information with relevant managers. Holidays were being booked and approved manually and then entered onto a holiday calendar.

Why did you choose the Chronologic Workforce Management System?

Andy commented that when they’d been looking around at different attendance systems he felt some vendors hadn’t been able to fully explain how their systems could work for Wright Minimix.

Our team was able to answer all his questions and come up with solutions that the company felt confident would meet their business requirements.

We chose Chronologic as it suited our business needs the best. Not only in the time attendance, but also in the employee data you are able to allocate as well.”

Biometric fingerprint clocking terminals are now located at each of the company’s 4 sites. Around 60 employees in total are currently using the system to clock, mainly drivers, plant operators and supervisors. Some employee’s smartphone clock if they are on-the-move or start their working day away from their office bases.

Employees can now view their timesheets and book holidays using Employee Self-Service which they access with their company iPhones. They are also able to check an availability calendar, (as can managers), to see if colleagues have already booked time off for the same period which might cause potential resourcing issues.

What do you particularly like about the Chronologic System?

The optional Workflow module is streamlining day-to-day attendance and HR management. Line managers receive a range of alert emails, including exceptions i.e. late clocking, no-shows, training and other reminders, and when holiday requests are made. This means they don’t have to keep logging in to the system to see if there’s anything they need to respond to. When they do log in, the system login screen clearly shows alerts that need to be responded to.

Every business has its own rules. The Chronologic workforce management system has been developed to handle multiple pay rates, overtime, breaks, etc. For example some employees get paid breaks others don’t, the system can make the adjustments automatically to employees’ weekly hours. Different types of bonus are paid including cleaning and greasing and loads per day bonuses, these are also easily accommodated in the system calculations for payroll.

The business is very much about responding flexibly to customer needs so scheduling has to be flexible and easy to use.

Andy comments, “The system is very user friendly, and the team at Chronologic offers great support and advice.”

How has the Chronologic system benefited Wright Minimix?

The Chronologic system comes with a range of standard and custom reports. The payroll report allows seamless export of data to Sage Payroll. Fire Roll Call is essential to ensure site safety. Other reports include holiday allowances and balances, and absence reporting.

The system has improved our operation with accuracy of attendance and speed of compiling data.”

The Chronologic team

We asked Andy what he thought about his overall experience of our sales and helpdesk teams.

The team at Chronologic is exceptional in their delivery and support of the system.”


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